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Annual Node Cycles of Chiron, Vesta, Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Lucifer, Lilith, Eros

Started by Bradley J, Feb 18, 2013, 06:29 PM

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Bradley J

Similar to the previous shared Planetary Nodes Spreadsheets, this downloadable file allows one to see the annual node cycle of Chiron and these 7 asteroids.  

Spreadsheet file is in Microsoft Excel format.  Can also be opened in OpenOffice.
download spreadsheet

At this time, I will not be offering a pamphlet with these additional sheets, as both sets of Annual Node Cycle Sheets are downloadable here and will be included as reference material in the forthcoming book on planetary nodes.

In brief, each of these nodes, particularly the asteroids nodes, swing back and forth between a couple (as in 2 or 3) signs each year.  Below is listed their ranges of movement as well as the degrees of the nodal axis. (Discoverable when the nodes, the Sun, and Earth all form a line twice a year for each nodal axis)

Chiron's South Node Range:  26 Aries to 3 Taurus
Chiron's North Node Range:  23 Libra to 6 Scorpio
Chiron's Nodal Axis:  south node 30 Aries, north node 30 Libra

Vesta's South Node Range: 17 Sagittarius to 12 Aquarius
Vesta's North Node Range:  21 Gemini to 7 Leo
Vesta's Nodal Axis: south node 15 Capricorn, north node 15 Cancer

Ceres's South Node Range: 30 Scorpio to 12 Capricorn
Ceres's North Node Range:  29 Taurus to 13 Cancer
Ceres's Nodal Axis:  south node 21 Sagittarius, north node 21 Gemini

Juno's South Node Range: 25 Aquarius to 17 Aries
Juno's North Node Range:  29 Leo to 12 Libra
Juno's Nodal Axis: south node 21 Pisces, north node 21 Virgo

Pallas Athena's South Node Range: 5 Pisces to 13 Aries
Pallas Athena's North Node Range: 27 Leo to 19 Libra
Pallas Athena's Nodal Axis: south node 21 Pisces, north node 21 Virgo

Lilith's South Node Range: 25 Taurus to 19 Cancer
Lilith's North Node Range: 3 Sagittarius to 10 Capricorn
Lilith's Nodal Axis: south node 21 Gemini, north node 21 Sagittarius

Lucifer's South Node Range: 2 Leo to 7 Virgo
Lucifer's North Node Range:  26 Capricorn to 13 Pisces
Lucifer's Nodal Axis: south node 19 Leo, north node 19 Aquarius

Eros's South Node Range: 4 Gemini to 5 Libra (note the 5 sign swing)
Eros's North Node Range:  30 Sagittarius to 9 Pisces
Eros's Nodal Axis: south node 5 Leo, north node 5 Aquarius

note: all degree positions rounded up and based on the year 1975. For most precise natal position of any node, use appropriate software or visit  

Goddess Bless,

P.S. Trouble printing?  One thing I did was saved the file, opened the file and exported it to the desktop as a PDF.