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New!! Evolutionary Astrology Glossary e-book: Guiding Principles of JWG's EA.

Started by Rad, Dec 19, 2012, 10:24 AM

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Hi All,

Linda Jonson had made a stupendous effort to compile and categorize the contents of our message board to date. It is simply an incredible effort on her part, and in service to EA itself. I would like to personally thank Linda for this effort.


New!!  Evolutionary Astrology Glossary e-book
Guiding Principles of
Jeffrey Wolf Green's EA

Compiled by Linda Jonson

The EA Glossary contains three years of thoughtful Evolutionary Astrology discussions, questions, commentary, wisdom, and insights. Sprinkled generously with EA techniques for chart interpretation using the powerful and penetrating Pluto paradigm, it provides useful astrological information and knowledge for EA students and practitioners at all levels, as well as for the general astrological community.

All of this is skilfully woven into this first volume, condensing Jeffrey Wolf Green's four decades of world-renowned Pluto work into bite-sized info-packets, guaranteed to evoke the word "˜Eureka!' as it slips repeatedly from the reader's lips. Such is the impact, implication and value of Evolutionary Astrology.

Compiled from message board extracts from inception to May 2012, the EA Glossary contains well-organized chapters, subsections under main chapters, figures and tables, interspersed with beautiful astrophotography. The sample chapter, Retrograde Archetype, will give you an idea of design and format.

Please click to see more of this glossary, and to order it if you so desire.

God Bless, Rad

This book can be purchased directly from at:

or as a PDF from our main website:


Hi Rad and everyone,

It is a joyous blessing to have carried out this work for EA. 

I truly hope the EA Glossary will be of immense value to everyone who uses it.

I'm just attaching here the COMPLETE Table of Contents so that people

can see exactly what is included in the Glossary.

Btw, I would appreciate receiving feedback from users regarding further additions

or suggestions for improvements.

Love and Blessings,

Linda  :D


When I first read the excerpt, I, with truly utmost reverence thought, holy crap, what an amazing work and resource of Jeff's teachings. Now I see thus table of contents, and I am just so blown away.

I found Jeff's first Pluto book 20 odd years ago, it began the slow shift in my being and healing. I only wished I had been able to find it 20 years earlier than that. This couldn't come at a better time for me personally. It will be my best holiday gift to me.

Linda, deeply, deeply I thank you for what you have done. I feel this comes from such a place of deep love and reverence for Jeff and his work.

Thank you so much to all the others in the book who have added their wisdom as a result of their deep love and commitment to EA.

Deeply, truly God Bless and thank you.
I am frankly just so blown away--(yeah repeat, no other way to describe it) in the best possible way, and am so grateful for the opportunity to partake of this beyond amazing contribution.


Thank you Linda for this...ordered the glossary and am eager to use it..blessings to all, Imsara :-*


Hi Linda and All,
I have just purchased the Evolutionary Glossary e-book, and the work is impressive, what wonderful work has been achieved, thank you so very much Linda, these Guiding Principles  for beginners will be especially helpful in understanding the EA paradigm. I have just had time to flick through it and the fact that students have participated makes the Glossary even more interesting and fun for a beginner.
Thank you again for your tremendous work and effort, this work  will help many students to become good EA Astrologers in the future, which is great.
Peace and love



Hi Robin,

Yes, it is printable.

It can be printed in color, black and white or grey tones (less expensive).

If you get it printed at a copy center in color, it will be expensive (over $100).

If you get it copied @ 10c per copy, you will be paying $37 on top of purchase price.

It has been designed with hyperlinks because they are very quick to navigate, and to save the environment.

Adding updates later will add many more pages to the document.  

On request, I can send you a PDF in black and white only, WITHOUT pictures.

I would recommend using it as an e-book, if you can.




Linda, thank you for your answer. Do I need a special application to download to my laptop? Thanks again, Robin


Yes, to open your PDF you will need Internet Explorer, or Adobe Reader, or other PDF reader/viewer.

Adobe Reader free download:



Wow Linda, this is phenomenal work! Thank you so much for putting this together, I have always wanted to have all of Jeffrey's work available in one easily accessible place. This will be of tremendous benefit to all EA students!  ;D


Hi Linda.

Thank you for your time and effort in putting it all together in such accessible way. Simply amazing. Just bought the 3 year update version...

All the best,


Thanks Linda!I think it's great for beginner,really happy to learn more.
just bought it with 3 years update.
Thank you again for your amazing work!.


Hello Y'all, I just stopped in to say I am so WOWED by the glossary and have already recommended it to three family and friends who are forever asking me questions about the EA understandings that I offer with solar return readings and other discussions with them.

You have really done a beautiful job of this all around. Awesome work, Linda, and everyone. I started out thinking I would print it so I can carry it around but then I decided the internal hyperlinks are TOO valuable and I'll better want to access it by my desktop.

For me, it is very hard to stay put at the message board so I've been mostly absent and now I have this wonderful exceptional glorious compilation to help me in my EA work.

Sorry I have not been more active. I am naturally reclusive and sharing my work with a relatively small circle but all luminous with healing intention and work.

Much love to you all and THANK YOU for this wonderful work you have done.

Sylvia Hawley, Springfield, Oregon



This is my first post here but I have been reading many of the posts on this site for over a year. I have personally been studying EA for about 18 months now and I really just wanted to add that I have found the EA glossary a fabulous addition to the material we already have.

I find EA to be amazing and I am grateful to have come across the work of Jeffrey Wolf Green.

Kind regards,



Hello Rad and everyone!


I'm currently working on the E-book Glossary Update for 2013.
The $35 subscribers will automatically receive this some time in

If you are an active member of our message board and would like
your photo to be included in the 2013 Glossary, please send me
a personal message.  Your photo will create a lovely historical
record of some of the 2013 EA members.