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Add Planetary Nodes to a SolarFire chart as ring/wheel

Started by Steve, Jun 14, 2009, 12:08 PM

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Add Planetary Nodes to a SolarFire chart as ring/wheel

This works in SolarFire 5 and up

1)  On the menu, select Chart Options and then Extra Ring Points

2)  Click Create and make a file named Planetary Nodes

3)  In the left column, highlight the PlanetaryNodes file, and click Edit in the right column

4)  In the window that opens, in the right column (Point Type), click "Node" to select it.
From the list of Available Points, double click the ones you want to display.  You will see them added to the Selected Points column on the left.  (You can add additional points you wish to display, such as asteroids.)   Click Save.

5)  You are back on the Extra Ring Points window.  Make sure that Planetary Nodes is highlighted in the left column, and click Select

6)  There are only a few wheel types in Soloar Fire that will display the extra points you have added.  To see the points, when you are looking at a chart, click the Wheel Type button. 
  Selecting UniExtr4.wh1 displays the nodes outside the wheel, with descriptions like N Mer and S Mars for the north node of Mars and the south node of Mercurcy.
  Selecting UniExtra.wh1 displays the nodes as a second set of points within the wheel, displaying the glyph of the point and N or S for North and South. 
  When you change the wheel type, SolarFire remembers your choice and displays subsequent charts with the same wheel style.