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Planetary Node Cycles Each Year Spreadsheets

Started by Steve, Aug 04, 2011, 09:38 AM

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Bradley J

Planetary Node Cycles Each Year

What are these spreadsheets?
These 12 spreadsheets, one for each month, represent the approximate planetary node position of each calendar day of the year.
Everyone alive born on, say September 5th, will share the planetary node positions of the 5th of September.

Why use these spreadsheets?
For those who do not have software to include the planetary nodes, this is a very quick way to be getting nodes for a chart in question.

For those who wish to understand the bigger picture of the annual node movements, studying these spreadsheets can be very helpful.

Imperfections in using these:
Please note, these charts are NOT EXACT. In my own opinion, they are close enough to provide the information for any natal chart reading.
The degrees have been rounded up based on noon Universal Time for the year 1970.
Thus, for everyone born between 1920 and 2020, these spreadsheets will be within a degree for most node positions.
This does not take into account leap year, thus the faster moving nodes of personal planets may be degree off from this during certain years.
The fasted planetary node movement days of the nodes mercury and venus in particular, make it more than a degree off at certain times during the year. Thus, certain charts would have the question of if a node changed sign. One would need to use a planetary node calculating website, software, or their intuition to fill in these details.

How to use these spreadsheets:
I have personally begun to use the spreadsheets to get planetary nodes for readings and have found it very quick and helpful. Also, nice to have around for the quick day to day glance in combination with transits.
For example, if you were looking at the date of a Scorpio New Moon on November 9th or 10th, you know that this new moon would also be conjunct the south and north node of Mercury & the south node of Mars. Just this knowledge alone can give us clues to the nature of the life purpose and how they will actualize their calling for all souls born on Nov. 9 or 10. Etc, and on and on.....

Goddess Bless,

Spreadsheet file is in Microsoft Excel format.  Can also be opened in OpenOffice.
download spreadsheet

P.S. Trouble printing?  One thing I did was saved the file, opened the file and exported it to the desktop as a PDF.