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Started by admin, Nov 04, 2009, 12:53 AM

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Welcome to the School of Evolutionary Astrology message board.

This message board is open and free to the general public and students of Evolutionary Astrology.  You may ask any questions you have about Evolutionary Astrology.  This message board has two moderators who answer your questions, Deva Green, Rad Zecko, Skywalker as well as other EA astrologers who participate from time to time.

Everyone can read messages on this board.  If you wish to ask questions or reply to existing topics you must first register.  After you register you are sent a confirmation email.  Your registration is activated after you reply to the confirmation email. If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your spam folder.  If its not there, email [email protected] for assistance.

Because of the nature of a site like this we have found it important to set clear guidelines on the reasons for this site, and what is and is not appropriate here.

1) the reasons this message board exists:
-  to ask and answer questions about the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology (EA) as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green throughout his astrology career.
-  to teach that paradigm, with examples and open discussion
-  to support the ongoing growth of EA students, both students enrolled in the school and the general public, through the medium of study of EA (which teaches that ultimately our answers are to be found within).
-  to a lesser extent, to discuss the metaphysical concepts and realities that are the foundation of the EA paradigm - the nature of the Soul and its ongoing evolutionary journey and the nature of the Soul's Creator, as these things relate to the EA paradigm and the ongoing growth of EA students.

2)  What this message board is not:
-  it is not a social network to meet new friends with common interests.  Community and friendship occur here, but they are a byproduct, not the core intent.
-  It is not a place for chit chat on topics not related to the core reasons the board exists.
-  it is not a place to compare the strengths and weaknesses of Jeffrey Wolf Green EA to any other form of EA or system of astrology.
-  it is not a place to critique the EA paradigm as it is taught here.  This site is for those who want to learn about the EA paradigm as we teach it here, who already accept any of its strengths or weaknesses.  Thus debating its perceived merits or lacks is not appropriate. You are welcome to criticize this EA - just do it somewhere else please.  
-  this is not a place to expound on your personal philosophy.  People are not here to learn about how you see life or astrology.  They are here to learn about Evolutionary Astrology as it was taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green.  
  We respect your right to your perspectives, and your right to speak about them.  But this is not an appropriate place to express those perspectives.  It's not why this message board exists. We encourage you to write your own book, start your own website, attract your own audience.
-  this is not a place to get one's unfulfilled needs met, unless those needs are to learn more about EA.

3) Policy on personal chart interpretation and analysis:
The message board is here to teach the principles of EA through example.   What is posted here is meant to be of general interest to all of our readers.   Individual analysis of your chart from a personal point of view is of interest mainly to you and not to most other readers.  Thus posting personal charts and asking for analysis or feedback on your chart is not appropriate here.  Asking questions about or posting your chart as an example of EA principles that will be of interest to many readers is acceptable.  
  At times there can be a fine line between what is of personal interest and what is of general interest.  Our moderators reserve the right to remove or to request that you remove any material posted they feel is personal chart interpretation.
 We have a number of qualified Evolutionary Astrologers associated with our school and this message board.  A more appropriate place for personal chart interpretation questions is a private reading with one of them.

4)  You agree to keep all posts you write on this message board within the above guidelines.

5)  You agree that the decision on whether what you write remains within those guidelines is completely up to the message board moderators.

6)  You acknowledge and agree that if you are advised by the moderators that your content is outside of these message board guidelines and you continue writing material the moderators feel is outside of these guidelines, that you may be banned from this message board.

We acknowledge and thank the 95% of our visitors who have no intent of ever violating these guidelines.  We have adopted this system to make it clear from the start, to the few who have other intentions, what the policies of this board are, with the intention of creating a better experience for everyone here.

Thank you for joining with us
The School of Evolutionary Astrology