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Bob Marley

Started by ari moshe, Aug 30, 2022, 02:00 PM

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ari moshe

Hi everyone,
I have been working with Bob Marley's chart in my chart interpretation course just to demonstrate basic Pluto + Nodes work. The question of his evolutionary stage was brought forward by one of my students. Normally I don't feel it's important or necessary to postulate too much about people's evolutionary stages for it's own sake - however for the sake providing as much solid soul context so the learning is as clear as possible, I do I want to ask for perspective/feedback here.

My own assessment is 3rd individuated, perhaps transitioning into spiritual stage. My student questioned why I didn't put him solidly in the spiritual stage. I can see her point since he was very devoted to Jah and had many strong spiritual ideals that were unifying/universal.

The basis for my assessment is because his life and message was predominately oriented to freeing up from the mainstream reality and focused a lot on freeing the mind. The quality of all of this feeling very 3rd individuated. Though, there were certainly aspects of his being/life that felt spiritual in terms of his devotion to God, his emphasis on humility and following God's law, not mans law, and his emphasis on "one love" and all humankind being together. Though some of this feels in my intuitive sense to have manifested within the context of a 3rd individuated kind of consciousness.
His chart is attached for reference.


Hi Ari

To me this Soul is standing with one foot in the 1st Stage Spiritual, and one foot in the the 3rd Stage Individuated. Exactly on that line.

God Bless, Rad

ari moshe

Thank you for sharing your sense of this soul Rad


Hi Ari,

I also see Bob Marley was someone who was closing the soul dynamics in the 3rd stage individuated and moving into the spiritual state of consciousness. Through observing his life, one reason I see this is because all of his outer planets were in a Rx motion, especially with his Pluto Rx in the 8th house Leo. He was in a lifetime where he was repeating past life Soul dynamics with the intention to liberate and de-condition. With so many planets Rx for him, the desire to accelerate on his evolutionary journey will have been strong.

Yes, to the world he may have "appeared" like he was living a spiritual life, but with the ruler of his Pluto Rx in Leo being the Sun in Aquarius, the core desire will have been to creatively actualise in a way that was different to before. With the birth time we have for him, his Sun is placed in the 2nd house Aquarius, pointing to the fact that he was seeking to self-actualise his own value system in a way that was different. We can also see he had the PPP in the 2nd house Aquarius, a double signature of finding inner self-security in his own way and feeling secure within himself to share with others (the NN of the Moon in the 8th house Cancer).

With the nodes of the moon being stationary, this is a magnifying point. This lifetime was always going to be powerful (Pluto Rx in Leo) so he could close old chapters and move forward on his Soul's evolutionary journey.