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New Pluto Series

Started by Deva, Aug 29, 2022, 09:54 AM

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New Pluto series presented by the Jeffrey Wolf Green Association of Evolutionary Astrologers. The series starts Sept.3.22 with a free introductory class.

For full curriculum description and registration information please visit:

The JWG Association of Evolutionary Astrologers has recently formed out of inspiration from the teachings of Evolutionary Astrology. Our intention is to design and teach a series of classes that is rooted in core principles of Evolutionary Astrology first originated by the founder of this work, Jeffrey Wolf Green. The Association is just beginning and we hope to build a broad-based community of voices to help us reach and teach this sacred body of work! Join us in a timely and meaningful collaboration as Pluto prepares to enter Aquarius in March 2023.

ari moshe

Hi everyone,

I just want to share a bit more about this series. Next year Pluto enters Aquarius and will also square the nodes - the entire year. It's a powerful year for Pluto and this is what elicited the initial thought to offer a Pluto series.

The creation of this association came from conversations and discussion about how to offer this series and we realized that this is a natural time to make efforts to bring the EA teachings more out into the world in a professional and accessible way for the masses. Astrology is becoming very popular, and we feel it's appropriate to create a space for the EA teachings to become more available in a way that honors the teachings/lineage and also supports the teachers.

So this series, which starts next month, will be a deep dive into the Pluto work and will actually culminate in a live chart reading to demonstrate the teachings. We are hoping this is just the first year and that EA astrologers will continue to step forward to offer these classes. My sense is there is more to be revealed in terms of what may come about this association, how it might operate in the future. Our intention is clear: to support the EA lineage, the teachings, the teachers and bring it out into the world in the best way we can.

I want to clarify that the individuals who are a part of this series came about through natural conversations and we decided not to extend further to other astrologers (though many of our friends/colleagues came to mind) simply for the purposes of keeping this small for the first run. There's no intention to exclude anyone here. We are starting with a small group, and we hope this can be something that all EA teachers can be a part of and be supported by as well.

So I hope you will join us for the free class next Saturday 11:00 am Pacific time. We'll be talking about this series and sharing the history of EA and it's core principals. To anyone reading this it's because you are drawn to the teachings of EA and we hope this will be an opportunity for you to ground/crystalize this wisdom more deeply.

We will also be sharing 10% of our proceeds to the School of Evolutionary Astrology, which hosts this free message board which we have all been benefiting from for many years. So this is a great way to support the school as well as those who are teaching this work.

Once again, learn more and sign up for the free class here: Jeffrey Wolf Green Association of Evolutionary Astrologers - Free Intro Class

ari moshe

Hi all -

In case you missed it, here's the recording from the live intro class we gave last week. It was a beautiful meeting. Kristin spoke about the history of EA and I and many others learned some things we never knew. We also introduced this class series and how this association came into being.

Free Intro Class Scroll down to find the video and to enroll.

We also just created another learning opportunity for those who are joining the series. Each month we will offer a mentorship class available for those that want more continual support/guidance in their practice. We'll have more info up on that soon.


Hi all,

I am just following on from what Ari has said, please do reach out if you have any more questions regarding the association, the classes etc.

We are all really excited to be able to do this work in this way and to help build this EA community further.  :)