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Healing Trauma Part 2

Started by Nerissa, Aug 17, 2022, 01:51 PM

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With all of my questions, & confusion, & such regarding trauma, healing and how that can happen I think I should share what's happened recently.

I was on the fence to do so - it's personal, I'll keep that to a minimun - but, it's just such an amazing example of just how crazy graphic EA can be.

I might post my chart (if I can figure it out!) because writing it may be convoluted, easier to 'see' it. Not sure if that's okay though with the rules.....
So, Rad, let me know if okay.

Jupiter in Aries right now is opposite my Pluto/Mercury, aka on my PPP

Jupiter natally is also in Aries - conjunct Chiron & smack on the ASC

This is all correlated with a past life that is not good at all - I don't want to be personal,& I don't want to be too dark: but it was a life that ended in torture etc

Well, I had one heck of a week - & it was very bad,but then there was some grace & relief. Truly felt like a miracle.
The next day I went to the river, to swim - & I was trying to piece together this PPP stuff, thinking maybe I should ask here - there was something I wasn't 'getting'.

I thought about the last week - & the experience & then I thought how it was like torture. And BINGO - it all fell into place.

There was a re-experiencing of the trauma, in a different form, different outcome to instigate healing.
Same stimulus (sorta): different outcome.

That morning the Moon was conjunct Jupiter.

When I was leaving - a great Blue Heron came out of nowhere - then driving out of the reserve I thought I hit a butterfly, saw it flutter to the ground: turned around & picked him up.

He had strong legs still & rested on my hand - I drove back toward an area where all the pollinators had good flowers, figured I'd get him settled there.

He finally started fluttering his wings a bit, then more so, then he flew up & landed right at the window. I stopped, rolled it down: & off he went!

I noted the time: when I got home I erected a chart to see the transiting angles & such: one of the angles was my Jupiter which is also my ASC: 24 Aries!

Mars (Aries ruler & currently transiting SN!) is opposite Neptune conjunct the nodes of Uranus in my chart - again, the 'trauma' & healing.

It's easy to see how the Jupiter/Chiron Aries on ASC could lead to a sense of not being allowed to be alive, the very life force 'taken' etc - & this Jupiter transit to PPP healing this all.

I hope this makes sense - & isn't convoluted.

It was a magical day, though I have to admit revisiting that trauma is something I have to keep my mind off - I actually felt, & frankly had symptoms, as if I might die (that would have been a relief to be honest)

All the same - I finally feel I've LIVED my answers to these questions.

And it's just astonishing how accurate EA is!

Hope this post is OK & within the rules & that it's helpful.

It seems just about all of us are seeking healing. There's hope :)