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Phases & aspects [began as Sesquiquadrate 135 Degree]

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Re: Phases & aspects [began as Sesquiquadrate 135 Degree]
« Reply #75 on: Dec 05, 2010, 03:56 AM »
Hi Steve and Ari,

To me, I think its pretty clear in the post, and this whole thread now, what the preferred MB method is for calculating the phase between a planet and a node is. In the post itself there is a coloured sentence that says the method described is an alternative method and to first go to the preferred method later in the thread. And in the whole thread itself it has now been stated many times what the preferred method is.

The table of relative speeds is just that ... a table of planetary speeds. It is relevant for the method I described in that post and is required by the method in that post, therefore should stay as it is so the post actually makes sense. And the table is actually positioned at the end on its own and is also a good general reference. Marking the Nodes in it may cause as much confusion as it seeks to avoid. And at the end of the day, its just a simple table of relative planetary speeds, no more or less.

In my reply post to Dhyana later on, I could take the Nodes out of that table, as that was for her to use and she was using the preferred method then which doesn't need them ...so I'll do that now.

The preferred method is not the only valid method, its just the preferred method. Jeffrey actually suggested the alternative method, that I posted, in the old MB archives - although as has been pointed out he later settled on what is what we are now calling the preferred method as the best method to promote as the primary EA method.

If you feel that the original table in the original post needs to be changed let me know. But if so I'd almost be inclined to remove the whole alternative method instead, as my feeling is it would just start to get confusing itself unless its own clarity and simpleness is left intact. I don't mind one way or the other, but its starting to feel as if we're unnecessarily splitting hairs about things here.

Let me know what you think...

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Re: Phases & aspects [began as Sesquiquadrate 135 Degree]
« Reply #76 on: Dec 05, 2010, 05:26 AM »
Hi Upasika

You've made it really clear from the beginning of this thread that you are fine with everything I've suggested (as far as the method and your original post) and I get that is still completely true.

I agree with your feeling that its been made very clear what the preferred method is in a number of posts, and I also agree with you that it isn't the only method.  I am fine with you leaving your table the way it is.

Ari, I think the point that its been explained thoroughly in other posts on this thread is valid.  And I agree that for purposes other than calculating phases to the nodes it is useful to have the nodes in that table.

Two suggestions also come to mind:
1)  Since we talk about planetary nodes on this board a lot, it might be good if in the table you mark the line for nodes as the Lunar nodes, so its really clear.  Otherwise at some point someone undoubtedly will want to know the phasal relationship to the nodes of Pluto, look at the chart and see north node/south node, and draw the incorrect conclusion.  Unfortunately that does happen when things are not clearly labeled.
2)  Since we are leaving the table for future reference, if you feel like adding more, it might be good to include the length of the orbit next to the name of the planet, body, or point.  Such as Mars 2 years, Jupiter 12 years, Nodes 18 years, etc.  That addition is completely optional, only if you feel like doing it. I'd say its fine to be specific if you want to, as in Lunar nodal cycle = 18.6 years rather than 18, or just round to the more common 18.  Whatever you feel is most useful.

This thread has been tedious at times (necessarily I feel) and I want to acknowledge and thank you for the detail you've put into what you have posted, and for your patience and willingness to go along with the conclusions about the easiest way to present this for the majority of EA students. 
thank you


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Re: Phases & aspects [began as Sesquiquadrate 135 Degree]
« Reply #77 on: Dec 05, 2010, 08:39 AM »
Thanks for adding lucifer, Upasika.


Re: Phases & aspects [began as Sesquiquadrate 135 Degree]
« Reply #78 on: Dec 05, 2010, 02:23 PM »
Hi Steve,

Good ideas, thanks - so I'll make it clear it's the Lunar Nodes, and will add the orbit length at a later point when I've got some time ... getting really squeezed for time now as the end of the year draws to a close !

Ari - I know you're concerned that people might be confused, so although it's unlikely, if I decide to include a copy of the the table in another post at any time, in relation to calculating the phase between a planet and Moon's nodes using our preferred method, I'll make sure I don't include the nodes in that copy ... that makes good sense to me too. Is this level of clarification ok with you?



Re: Phases & aspects [began as Sesquiquadrate 135 Degree]
« Reply #79 on: Dec 05, 2010, 02:38 PM »
That's no trouble at all Stacie, it's great having Lucifer in there now... if you've got the data for any other asteroids etc that you'd like added just let me know.

Re: Phases & aspects [began as Sesquiquadrate 135 Degree]
« Reply #80 on: Dec 05, 2010, 02:49 PM »
Yeah sure, it's all ok with me. And thank you again for making this list.

Actually Steve, maybe what Upasika has compiled (relative speeds as well as list of degrees) is something worth wile posting on the misc thread where you have the phasal charts and other such things?
Ari Moshe

Re: Phases & aspects [began as Sesquiquadrate 135 Degree]
« Reply #81 on: Dec 06, 2010, 05:18 PM »
Hi Steve

We tend towards projecting stuff onto others at times instead of accepting responsibility for what is actually our own stuff.

Now I see what is going on with me, and the stuff I'm projecting. This is unresolved trauma. Transiting Pluto squaring my Sun/Uranus 3rd House Libra conjunction opposed by 9th House Chiron in Aries is bringing this dynamic, and a few other dynamics, to a head. And this particular dynamic involving being right or wrong, reflected in this signature, is connected to some of the past lives trauma of this Soul. It is true that I don't care anymore about being right or wrong; though, until the repressed energy of such trauma is released, it will keep manifesting over and over within my psyche in a cardinal fashion (Libra/Aries). This should be the right time to finally resolve this stuff (Transiting Pluto squaring Sun/Uranus-Chiron; transiting Uranus opposing Pluto, which is conjunct the Sun). I think such release should work in direct proportion to how much I am bing able to reformulate my self-image and properly identify my natural ego (North Node ruler Neptune squaring the nodes from 4th House Scorpio). I now this thread is not about me, but I felt necessary to acknowledge my stuff, as you pointed out. Thank you for this, Steve.   

God Bless,



Re: Phases & aspects [began as Sesquiquadrate 135 Degree]
« Reply #82 on: Oct 29, 2014, 09:18 AM »
PS : Saturne incarne aussi le Besoin et le Devoir de Sécurité.                                                                       Lorsqu'il forme Sesqui Carré aux Planètes personnelles, cela est très déstabilisant, handicapant, hyper bloquant et paranoïsant.                                                                                                                                             

Avec Vénus, c'est l'argent, les sentiments, le choix partenarial et le relationnel amoureux                                         qui sont impactés à cause de nos choix insécures, de notre désobéissance, il y a insuffisance de maturité en la matière (la peur de manquer est une réalité).                                                                                     

Avec Mars en même temps, c'est l'imago du Couple -apporté à la naissance-(nous venons tous au monde avec une Imago du Couple) qui est mis à la question.                                                                                         Ce sont les actes et l'énergie du sujet pour aller chercher de l'argent (pour lui et le couple qu'il forme)                                                         comme pour se relier à ce/ceux qu'il aime, qui peuvent être entravées, empêchées (l'entrave à l'action            est une réalité).                                                 

Les besoins de sécurité ne sont pas entendus ni honorés pour raison de suffisance,                                                       de désobéissance (idiotes, ô combien ?).                                                                                                                   C'est un vécu de conscience et une réalité inacceptable pour Saturne et concrètement                                -vu l'état de société actuelle- très dommageable.                                                                                     

Le porteur de ce triple aspect -c'est moi- (Vénus Carré Mars, Saturne Sesqui Carré Mars et Vénus,                      sans parler des 2 semi-carrés Vénus et Mars au Soleil) ne comprend rien                                                   Ã  cette nécessité de vie et est en conflit tant avec lui-même qu'avec autrui.                                 

Conflit intrapsychique et conflit interpersonnel pour non respect au Devoir obligé de sécurité

Saturne/Soleil Opposés en 3e/9e : le sujet n'arrive pas à comprendre quelque chose.                                           Capricorne/Cancer : responsabilité et infantilité coexistent en lui

1er Sesqui : espace symbolique Lion (Fierté rebelle de l'expression libre de l'Ego                                              -fausse belle image puisqu'elle n'est pas accréditée mais discréditée par Saturne-)

2e Sesqui : espace symbolique Scorpion (Libre exercice du pouvoir apparent de l'Ego                                                 dans l'espace du partage des ressources mais aussi dans l'espace de transformation doublement obligée -par le signe symbolique et par le sesqui-).                                                       

Revoir sa liberté de choix à la baisse car handicapée et handicapante et rentrer dans l'ordre requis                       par les figures d'autorité et sécuritaires -Saturne-

NB : for those who need , I can write, translate my text in english
Only ask it !


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Re: Phases & aspects [began as Sesquiquadrate 135 Degree]
« Reply #83 on: Oct 29, 2014, 02:06 PM »
Hello and welcome Tantrajee!

Yes ~ please translate and send your question to us in English.

I know that your post is written in French.  However, this is a

good opportunity to mention to everyone that we have a

Spanish section on the EA message board moderated by Gonzalo.

Here's the link:

Astrología Evolutiva - Foro en Español


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