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EA personal chart readings, tutoring, and workshops by Deva Green and Luke Green

Started by Deva, Dec 14, 2009, 09:41 AM

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Deva Green is available for doing personal EA chart readings. I counsel people and offer readings using my work of Evolutionary Astrology. My current rate is $100.00 for an hour reading. I also offer 30 minute mini-readings for $50. These are for those who want a brief interpretation of the core dynamics of their natal chart to to gain more insight into the nature of Evolutionary Astrology through one on one interaction and also the main current life intentions reflected in their natal chart. In addition, 20 minute recording for $35.00that focus on any specific question(s) using the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm are available.


Tutoring with Deva Green- Deva is offering her services as a tutor for those who are studying EA. Her rate is $35 for an hour session. She will cover the fundamentals of EA with those who feel need personal assistance via the phone.

Pluto: Evolutionary Journey of the Soul lecture (2 hours) by Deva Green. This lecture covers the core principles that evolutionary astrology is based upon, and how to apply the Pluto paradigm to determine the core evolutionary intentions/lessons for the current life. $20 plus $5 shipping.

Pluto Evolutionary Journey of the Soul workshop (4 hours): by Deva Green. This 4 hour work shop covers the fundamental principles of evolutionary astrology, and thoroughly demonstrates how to apply the Pluto paradigm. The workshop also covers the 4 natural evolutionary conditions of the Soul, and how to adjust the same birth chart to reflect the main evolutionary states, the 4 ways Pluto affects/instigates evolution, and Pluto aspects using in depth real life case studies. 35 + 5 dollar shipping.  

Please contact deva at [email protected] to purchase the workshop/lecture or to set up a tutoring session.


Luke Green, son of Jeffrey Wolf Green, is also available for EA chart consultations. To contact him for further information please email at [email protected]