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Read for free Autobiography Of A Yogi, The Holy Science, words of Anandamayi Ma

Started by Rad, Jan 29, 2017, 09:08 AM

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Hi All,

Here is a brand new book about Yoganada that I would highly recommend. It is called the Life Of Yogananda by Philip Goldberg. You can buy it from Amazon at


Hi All,

I am posting links for anyone interested to read on line Autobiography Of A Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, The Holy Science by his guru Sri Yukteswar, and the teachings of Anandamayi Ma.

Here are the links that are FREE:

Autobiography Of A Yogi:

The Holy Science:

The Second Coming Of Christ by Yogananda:

Teachings of Anandamayi Ma:

Lahiri Mahasya:

And To Buy:

The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita: Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda, as Remembered by His Disciple, Swami Kriyananda:


I am posting here the natural mediation technique that JWG taught that mirrors Yogananda's Hong-Sau method. This comes from JWG's book Neptune: Whispers From Eternity.

                                                       CHAPTER FIFTEEN
                                       HOW YOU CAN NATURALLY KNOW GOD

When the Creator Of All Things set in motion the Manifest Creation, included in that was for the consciousness to KNOW its origin, its MAKER. In essence, this is actually "˜hard wired' into the Soul by its Maker.

This natural way is provable and requires no allegiance to any religion, group, or philosophy. It does require 100% DESIRE in any individualized Soul consciousness to KNOW its Maker, the Origin of itself.
This natural way is rooted in the Natural Law of cause and effect. It is rooted in the Natural Law of the breath. The inhaling and exhaling breath is analogous to the law of cause and effect: inhale, exhale. Yet there is also a natural interval between the inhaling and exhaling breath. It is this natural interval that then correlates to a transcendence of the law of cause and effect: the interval correlating to infinity.    

With the breath still, as Jesus and others said, one's whole being becomes full of Light: "When Thine Eye Is Single." And, indeed, it does. As the breath begins to shallow and suspend itself, the progressive perception of what has been called the 3rd eye begins. And that is perceived between the eyes, just above them in the forehead area. It is initially perceived as a circular outline that progresses into the perception of a circle. The outer circle is gold or yellow, the center of it is a deep blue, and in the middle there will be a five pointed White Star, or as the perception of a spinning galaxy of White, Blue and Gold that solidifies into a circle with the Gold on the outside of the circle, the blue in the middle, and then the White Star at its core.

In time, the Soul will remember, by BIRTH RIGHT, how to merge with the 3rd eye, the White Star. As this begins, progressive perceptions of what can be called true cosmic consciousness begins that allows for a state of SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS. The final progression of this leads to the perception of where the Manifest Creation meets the un-manifested Creation. In essence, perceiving the very nature of Creation itself: God/ess.

This is provable and requires no belief at all. It only requires DESIRE TO KNOW THE MAKER OF ONE'S SOUL.

To know this for yourself is very simple. First, it is important to sit in such a way that your spine is vertical from the pelvic area up. Then center your entire attention, focused, on the point just above your eyebrows within your consciousness, with your eyes closed. Then on your inhaling breath mentally affirm the number One. On your exhaling breath, mentally affirm the number Two. The key and secret here is one of CONCENTRATION. Keep concentrating on the One and Two linked with your inhale and exhale. Of course, in the beginning, the left side of your brain will go nuts with all kinds of thoughts that attempt to undermine this, to distract, to follow. This is why the concentration is the vital key upon the One and Two.

Over time, and with sustained practice, the breath will progressively begin to shallow. As it does, so certain inner experiences will begin. For example, there will be an inner perception that the external world seems to be going into some kind of earthquake situation. Yet, if you open your eyes, then the Earth will in fact still be still. What this perception correlates to is a natural shifting in the CENTER OF GRAVITY FOR YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. That shifting correlates with a shift from the egocentric center of your consciousness to your Soul itself. This also corresponds to a molecular shift in the density of your body cells. They become lighter, less dense.

In time, this will progress to the initial perception of the 3rd eye which starts with a spinning galaxy that is blue, white, and yellow. In time, as the breath becomes ever more shallow, concentrating ever more on the One Two, this will consolidate into the 3rd eye wherein that circle of yellow, blue light is integrated around the white star.

This is when the breath suspends itself because of the concentration upon the One and the Two. This is when the INTERVAL between breaths occurs. Again, the breath, inhale and exhale, correlates to the world of duality, of cause and effect, of thought/counter thought. When the breath becomes suspended, this natural interval between the inhaling and exhaling breaths is realized. The interval can be understood to be that which correlates with INFINITY: the natural interval between One and Two. The consciousness of the Soul is NOT DEPENDENT UPON THE PHYSICAL FORM THAT IT IS ENCASED WITHIN. THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR, EVEN THOUGH THE EGO OF THE SOUL CAN FEAR "˜LOSING CONTROL' AT THIS POINT.

This is when your Soul will remember, by birthright, how to penetrate or merge with the White Star.

Everything that follows from there correlates to progressive perceptions of the Manifest Creation that will lead to the NATURAL LIMIT of the Soul's consciousness that is encased in the human form. And that limit, again, is when the perception of the Manifested Creation interfaces with the UN-MANIFESTED CREATION. This perception is the perception of Creation itself: God/ess. As this takes place, the Soul is then in a state of RAPTURE, OF WONDERMENT. The various truths of the Natural Laws that are the very basis of the Manifest Creation will then be progressively realized and understood. It is a natural state of enlightenment.

Yet, because the consciousness of the Soul is still living within the encasement of the human form, thus the time/space reality of duality, it is that which creates a RETURN to a "˜normal' state of consciousness. Rapture and wonderment are soon replaced with a sense of depression upon this return to normal consciousness. Yet, because of that which has been directly experienced through perception, leading to realization, the consciousness of the Soul has been evolved. And this evolution that has occurred because of these realized perceptions in a super-conscious state is APPLIED to not only the individualized consciousness of the Soul who has realized this, but also given, NATURALLY, to others in all kinds of ways depending on the specific nature, the individualized context, of each Soul.

In the beginning of this practice, it is really important, in fact necessary, for you to allow at least forty-five minutes to an hour for it. And to do this consistently at least once a day. Your natural evolutionary capacity will then be the determinant at what pace you go. But, by birthright, if you practice faithfully, Neptune, for as long as it takes, this natural process of how to know your Origins, your Maker, God, will in fact take place.



And for those who have read The Path: Autobiography Of A Western Yogi by Kriyanada, a chief disciple of Yogananda who started the Ananda community at the direction of Yogananda, and who was thrown  out of SRF by Daya Mata, here a small book called Yogananda for the World: Freeing His Legacy from Sectarianism.

And for those who want to read the revised addition of Kriyananda's book called The New Path: My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda here is a link to buy that book:


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I read Autobiography of a Yogi recently and was going to read the Holy Science next but I couldn't find a link that would down load to my I-phone and the one you shared works...

Thank you so much





I have been wondering the true meaning behind what Anandamayi Ma's statement means when she states...

" And when you become detached even from detachment "

I have been thinking about this non stop recently and was wondering if she means that on the path back to your connection to consciousness the Creator Mother the Divine we have to all become detached in a way to arrive at this door and walk through it but eventually when you become detached from detachment does this mean you will love in a new way a new way of Divine Love in the Heart for All things without an attachment to anything?



Hi Heather,

I would have to know the context of her message in which she said those words in order to help you understand them.

God Bless, Rad


Hi Rad, thank you for posting the Kriya techniques.  I see Yogananda recommends increasing the number of Kriyas only after a certain amount of time.  With respect to this advice, are there further/different techniques also?  Thanks. DDD



Hi Heather,

"When does one know when they are ready to practice the Kriya technique?"


When you have arrived at a place in meditation where your breath has naturally stopped for 'x' amount of time which then naturally creates a shift in the center of gravity within your consciousness that manifests as the perception of the light between your eyebrows.


"Also when they talk about the sounds on inhaling and exhaling breath during Kriya do they mean the sounds of air flowing through the throat as you breath like a light audible sound of air or actual sound being made with the voice box?"


Like a light audible sound of air ........


"Do you have to sit on a chair or bed with feet on the floor or can you sit on a blanket on the floor with legs crossed and spine upright and straight?"


Either way: the issue is to keep the spine erect.

God Bless, Rad


Hi Rad, why is it that some children can see the spiritual eye but then lose the ability when they become adults?  Thanks, DDD.



All Souls, while in the astral plane after any given life, have their third eye open. During the rebirth process the 3rd eye can remain open for a certain amount of time. Then, for most, it closes as they become older. It closes for most so that the Soul can 'focus' it's current life ego into the evolutionary intentions for that life: to integrate it.

God Bless, Rad


Hi Rad,
I decided to review the Kriya description to make sure I was doing it OK and I have a question - can you please clarify something re. the visualization during the Kriya exercises?  In a couple of instances Yogananda describes the breath as "circulating", one example:  "when you strongly visualize the circulation of the breath up and down the spine..."  However, I have been visualizing something a bit more like mercury (coz this is a very Virgo question) moving up and down in a tube, rather than a circulation.  I just don't want to be visualizing the wrong thing.  Am I doing this right?  Thanks as always.  DDD


Hi Rad,
You can forget that last question, I have just answered it for myself.  Thanks.  DDD