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Started by Rad, Jan 01, 2017, 08:19 AM

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                              The School Of Evolutionary Astrology DVD Course

The School Of Evolutionary Astrology DVD course consists of 27 DVD's. This is the original Evolutionary Astrology Pluto School taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green in Arizona in 1994. Jeffrey felt this school was the best of those he taught. Originally this was available as VCR tapes and sold as the EA correspondence course. Those old VCR tapes have now been converted to DVD's, and the original 1994 school course is once again available. The information presented here is unique, and timeless.

Pricing:  The course is available in the US and Canada complete for $999, or in three sections, each $333. Prices include shipping.
  International prices (including shipping) are $1050 for the complete course, and $350 per section. Payment in US Dollars.

Existing EA students: Introductory discounts are available on the complete 27 DVD course for students who in the past purchased any of Jeffrey's Pluto school video course, attended any of his live Pluto schools as a paying student, or who own the DVD course of Jeffrey's 2004 Boulder Pluto School that was sold by the Evolutionary Astrology Network. Please email for pricing information - include with your request which EA product, and which segments, you purchased.

                               Contents of the Evolutionary Astrology course:

Section 1

    The twelve signs and houses, and ten planets from the EA perspective
    Anatomical, Physiological, and Chakra correlations to the planets
    The eight primary phases, aspects, and key planetary pairs
    The planetary method of chart interpretation
    The house method of chart interpretation
    Pluto - Soul - Evolution - Evolutionary Necessity
        Karma - Polarity point - Nodes - Nodal rulers
    The four natural evolutionary conditions/states
    Exceptions to the Pluto rules
    Pluto aspects to other planets
    The phenomena of retrograde
    The 4 ways Pluto effects evolutionary necessities
    Pluto in transit, progression, solar & lunar return

Section 2 - relationship astrology

    Review of the first segment
    Guilt, learned vs. natural
    Sexual correlations of all 12 signs
    Relationship types
    Astrology of relationships methods
    Synastry and composite charts
    relationship example charts

Section 3 - Timings, chartwork, review

    Nature of Lucifer and evil
    Composite methodology review, with example charts
    Synastry methodology review, with example charts
    Chart rectification
    Transits, progressions, solar and lunar returns
    Pluto through the houses, 1 - 12, including medical correlations
    Nodal transits
    Final Q & A

Included with the DVD's

    a full transcript of the DVD contents
    homework assignments and instructions
    suggested reading list


Ten Charts must be successfully analyzed and completed using the Evolutionary Paradigm. Each assignment is reviewed by Deva Green, Jeffrey Wolf Green's daughter. Upon successful completion of these assignments, the student is issued a Certificate of Graduation as an Evolutionary Astrologer, competent to counsel people from the EA point of view.

To Purchase:

To pay by check: Make check payable to School of Evolutionary Astrology

mail to: School of Evolutionary Astrology
           PO Box 814
           Ashland OR 97520

1) Specify which section(s) you are ordering (1 - 2 - 3 - complete course).
2) Include name, mailing address, telephone phone number, and email address.

US and Canada: Price is $333 per section, $999 for complete course. Price includes shipping.
Outside of US: Price is $350 per section, $1050 for complete course. Price includes shipping. Payment in US Dollars.

To purchase please click here:


Rad, for those of us who purchased the original correspondence course on VHS tapes, do we have to re-purchase the entire correspondence course again on DVD if we want to upgrade?  (VHS tapes may have deteriorated over time and VHS players are becoming rare).  Thanks. DDD



Email Deva and she can let you know..there is a discount if you purchased the VHS.
[email protected]



Kristin, thanks for the information.  I will get in touch with Deva.  DDD