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Geodetic Map of the World

Started by Steve, Nov 03, 2010, 02:26 PM

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Here is a Geodetic map of the world for download.  (It may be easiest to right click on the link and save the image file to your computer).  

12-23-2012:  And here is another, prepared by Linda Jonson

This is based on the system developed by the astrologer Edward Johndro.  It correlates astro signs with geographical zones around the earth.  

Jeffrey considered this an important element in EA work. He also taught that Johndro himself kept going back and forth on whether the Aries point was at Greenwich in England, or 30 degrees to the west. Apparently almost on his death bed, Johndro changed his mind one last time.  Jeffrey taught that in his experience sometimes events correlate to one of those start points, at other times to the other.  He had no explanation of why, simply that was what he had found through observation and correlation.  He found this system very accurate in predicting Earth events, like volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

This map was put together by Evolutionary Astrologer Scott Wolfram who presented it at an EA conference.  The map places the Aries point at the Greenwich point in England.  For times when one needs to correlate the start point to 30 degrees west, you must shift the signs shown on this map by one sign.  That is, in the alternate system the Eastern USA is Aquarius, not Capricorn.